Hello, Welcome to Chetana

About Us

Chetana represents a ray of hope for those who are engulfed in the darkness of addiction. This rehabilitation facility is a home away from home.

We are currently in Bhubaneswar leading rehabilitation centre, with a very high success rate. Our team works with people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other substances. We also work to improve mental health, and our team includes well-known psychiatrists and psychologists. We believe in creating a calm environment in which all patients in the house are treated with respect and kindness.

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Our Vision

Rehabilitation is a process that requires persistence, and we think that with the right direction and therapy, people with addictions can regain control of their lives. We have a team of psychiatrists and psychologists on staff at Chetana who are available 24 hours a day.

Our Mission

Our mission is to recover our clients with our high-quality services.We approach healing with a goal in mind. Whatever your objectives are, we want to assist you in achieving them.

What our Chairman speak...

Today I am clean with acceptance, enjoyment & enthusiasm. I'm very proud of the man I have become in my recovery journey. I am true to my heart. I don't let this world push me around in a destructive manner. It is so important to understand that we are all making choices all the time, even when we chose not to choose we have still made a choice. It is our choices that determine our experiences. The choices we are making today will show up in our experiences in the future. There was a point in my addiction that I no longer had the ability to choice. I lost my free will to a substance and every thought that I had, every decision that I made and every action that I took was dictated by my need to acquire that substance. I had become powerless to overcome my addictions and that my life had become unmanageable... Some of these choices are ours, and some choices are made by other people, and we just accept those decisions and follow along. People say I shouldn't admit that I use to use, not to let people know I was lost in addiction. I however , I am proud that I was an addict, not because I used.. But because I am in recovery, I was lost and now I am found...

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"Ever accidentally throw something away then later realized you needed it?” I almost did that with my life....But as my recovery grew and my personal relationship with God developed, I found a world of possibility open up to me. However, real life doesn’t just happen. Instead, our lives are defined by the choices we make. When sober, each of us has almost total control over what we think, what we attain, who we marry, what we do in our career and what we ultimately achieve with our lives, etc. There was nothing, within reason, that I could not achieve. But there is one choice I can NEVER make again. To pick up that first drink. I have absolute trust in the God of my understanding that I will not only persist in life but also fulfil my dreams as I have seen so many miracles in recovery. I know that I will continue to soar amongst the effective leaders that have taken the time to light the way for me. I'm so grateful to you all. There are too many to count but I wanted to put a few on blast. Peace & Blessings to you and may you always know that any addict can live a clean and productive life free from the horrors of addiction...!!