We follow 12 steps model for recovery support.

  • 1. After long time of denial, recovery can begin with one simple surrender of being powerless over alcohol.
  • 2. Trust in supreme power will help to get rid of addiction.
  • 3. Giving the total control to the higher power.
  • 4. Taking the self-inventory
  • 5. Fully surrender to the higher power.
  • 6. Be ready to have the supreme power to correct the defects in one’s personality.
  • 7. Asking the supreme power to remove those defects.
  • 8. Prepare a list of wrong done to others & show willingness to make amends for wrong done.
  • 9. Interacting with those who have been hurt is a great way to start healing the relationships.
  • 10. Self-surrender is a necessary step in order to maintain spiritual progress in recovery.
  • 11. Discover the plan of super power for your life.
  • 12. A person in recovery should carry the message to other persons in recovery & put the principles of program in every aspects of their life.

When it comes to your health, you're safe with us

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Detoxification is a necessary first step for many addicts. Detoxification from drugs or alcohol is intended to rid the addict's body of the drug abused. While the abuser is recovering, a detoxification programme helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms in a different way.

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Individual Therapy

Yoga and meditation are two of the most effective tools for assisting people in recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. Chetana has created a perfect yoga and meditation module that is led by a trained professional in order to value the therapeutic aspects of yoga and meditation.

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Meditation can provide you with peace, calm, and balance, which can benefit your emotional well-being as well as your overall healing.

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Group Session

A therapist-facilitator and individual members make up a group therapy session. The therapist is permitted and may focus on specific in a particular therapy approach. The therapy technique may have been developed specifically for groups, but it is most likely based on the individual therapy model.

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Individual Counselling

Individual therapy can help if you have anxiety, mood disorders, or another serious mental health condition that necessitates treatment apart from your addiction.

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Family Counselling

Family counselling is an important part of our counselling therapy. When dealing with addicts, we at Chetana need to know the patient's detailed history as well as their family members, as they are the person to provide information about them.

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Games assist patients in keeping their minds calm, sensible, and in leading others. It also assists them in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.